Vast Earthworks and Civil

At Vast Earthworks and civil we service Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding regions and we can provide all your civil construction, bulk earthworks and trucking requirements. What we offer is experience in getting the job done as efficiently, safely and cost effective as possible with the correct machines, attachments, experience and know-how. We have the appropriate safety and maintenance systems in place and we are fully insured and licensed. All work will be provided with an invoice on the completion of job.


  • Civil construction

  • Formworking

  • Site cuts

  • Hydrovac pot holing and service identifying

  • Bulk spoil removal

  • Demolition

  • Rock removal

  • Backfilling

  • Trenching

  • Post hole drilling

  • Slab preparation

  • Forklift attachment and lifting points

  • Concrete cutting and removal

  • Supply, delivery and spreading of material supplies


  • Positrack and skidsteer loaders

  • Excavators 1 tonne through to 30 tonne machines

  • Truck and dog combinations

  • Tri axle float

  • Water cart

  • Mini Loaders

  • Hydrovac Truck


All our equipment is capped at a flat hourly rate depending on what is on hire. This rate includes machine, standard attachments, and operator. We have a minimum callout period of 4 hours including transport from our local depot.

We can also provide a quote for larger projects to ensure you understand your cost upfront.


Disposal cost are passed on to the customer. To ensure we minimise this expense, we have multiple recycling locations and drop off sites. We sort waste to ensure we provide the most cost effective solution to our customers.

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